Organilock Plastic-Free Soil Products

Farm-Based Foodie is proud to partner with Organilock to bring you the most bio-responsible soils in the world. These nutrient-dense, organic soils are completely dehydrated so I get to offer you soil in plastic-free packaging! There’s also a lower carbon-footprint because you’re not buying and shipping water weight. Organilock soil products sequester more carbon than other soils for longer, and they’re made from biomass waste streams that would otherwise go to waste and harm the environment. These are carbon-negative soil products and have been pasteurized so there are no weeds or pathogens, and they contain mychorrizae to jump-start the soil microbiome. You also get to save money because these soils are reusable for 5-10+ years. What are you waiting for? Grow your plants in Organilock and save money, save plastic, save the world!